Industrial roots, residential style.


“Good enough” just wasn’t good enough.

For more than a decade, the Big Ass Fan Company® has been the preeminent designer and manufacturer of high volume/low speed ceiling and vertical fans for industrial spaces.

Responding to customer requests, we expanded our focus from factories and dairy barns, developing the large and lovely Element® and Isis® fans for commercial markets, including retail, schools, churches and other public spaces. Residential customers also adopted the 8- to 10-foot diameter Isis fan as a uniquely effective product to circulate an ocean of air in large great rooms, pool houses and more, while others requested solutions for more typical living areas and lower ceilings. But we knew we couldn’t rush—any fan bearing our name had to be efficient, sustainable, functional and beautiful.

Small ceiling fans had remained basically unchanged for more than a century. They needed more than a makeover—they needed a reinvention.  Haiku™, with its advanced motor technology, is a perfect fit. The use of direct current, permanent magnetics and ultra-efficient airfoils yields a fan 80% more efficient. Its innovations mark a sea change in the way small ceiling fans are designed and built.

A testament to its game-changing nature, Haiku recently won the prestigious international red dot award, a prominent seal indicating quality design.

Custom Crafted

Libby Langdon, Interior Designer and Makeover TV personality

To bring the conceptual Haiku™ Bamboo design to full production, we worked with premium U.S. furniture craftsmen to create an exclusive process to create the airfoils to our exacting standards. The global search for a partner capable of creating the unique forms uncovered only two companies in the world that could produce the airfoils with the level of precision we expected—one in Germany, the other in the United States. We chose to stay close to home, working with their experienced craftsmen to establish a process to create the airfoils with the level of consistency required for a perfectly balanced fan.

Like the poetic form they are named after, Haiku fans are deceptively simple, but require years of study and an understanding of natural beauty to get just right.

With an industrial heritage and impeccable style, Big Ass Fans® and Haiku will change the ceiling forever.