Haiku is the ideal ceiling fan for typical living areas and smaller commercial spaces. But sometimes you need a fan that makes an even bigger impression in a BIG space. As our name suggests, Big Ass Fans has the perfect solution.

Created with the same innovation and attention to detail as Haiku fans, the 8- and 10-ft. diameter Isis® is built by hand with aircraft-grade aluminum to make a bold statement in big spaces. Patented airfoils and winglets enable Isis to move more air than nine traditional ceiling fans combined, but it consumes only a fraction of the energy.

Isis can be mounted on ceilings as low as 12 feet and is wet rated for outdoor use, making it the perfect fan for large patios, porches and pergolas.

Isis Walnut Finish The award-winning Isis features industrial components, precision balancing and a fully customizable style. Available in anodized aluminum, dozens of colors, wood finishes, vinyl wraps, pin striping and custom graphics, Isis can reflect your own unique style in a big way.

To order or learn more about Isis for the home, call 877-BIG-FANS or click here.

Isis in a Puerta Vallarta Residence Isis in Residential Pool Area