Haiku Steals the Spotlight… Again

Having already set the bar with its award-winning form and function, Haiku once again puts the ceiling fan in a whole new light. With the seamless addition of its new LED module, our team of engineers has further advanced the design and performance of the world’s most efficient ceiling fan.

Maintaining the original design qualities that set Haiku apart, the discreet motor also houses the integrated LED light module; when you don’t need the light, you don’t see the light. Designed for any number of settings, the module’s sixteen increments of brightness range from soft nightlight to primary light source. Add to that unmatched efficiency and longevity, and Haiku’s new light is as groundbreaking as the fan itself.

This page offers everything you need to know about Haiku, its LED module and a brief history of LED technology, as well as various images to download. Contact Scott Sloan for all media related questions.