Suddenly, the ceiling fan goes from afterthought to first thought.

  • Introducing Haiku™ - the ceiling fan that exceeds expectations you never knew you had. Inelegant designs have masked the inefficiencies of ceiling fans for more than a century. Until now.

  • Built from scratch, every component of Haiku was designed for its minimalist beauty, efficiency and performance. The ceiling fan industry - and your home - will never be the same. It's time to take back the ceiling.

    It's time for Haiku.

Haiku looks different because it is different.

Haiku’s sleek profile conceals patent-pending electronics and a cool-running motor with an integrated inverter drive that delivers an 80% improvement in energy efficiency over conventional ceiling fans.

Learn more about Haiku’s ultra-efficient motor technology, airfoils and remote control.

The essentials, perfected.

Haiku’s airfoils and central motor housing blend together into a single, seamless form. This contemporary ceiling fan design reflects organic essentialism—eliminating the superfluous and perfecting the basics. Learn more about the design of Haiku’s motor, airfoils and finish.

Libby Langdon, Interior Designer and Makeover TV personality

Walking the talk on
environmental responsibility.

The average ENERGY STAR® residential fan utilizes 65 W of electrical input power. In contrast, Haiku fans only use 2 to 30 W, exceeding the ENERGY STAR requirements for watts per CFM by 450 to 750%. In a typical year, Haiku would use about 50kWh, for a cost of around $5.

Learn more about Haiku’s energy efficiency, ENERGY STAR® results and sustainable materials.

Libby Langdon, Interior Designer and Makeover TV personality