What a Smart-Ass Fan

SenseME technology, available exclusively on the Haiku® ceiling fan, revolutionizes a home fixture that hadn’t changed for decades. Learn more about SenseME.

SenseME knows when you enter or leave a room, turning Haiku on and off automatically.

SenseME monitors the room’s temperature and humidity, adjusting Haiku’s speed when conditions change.

SenseME learns your comfort preferences, tailoring those speed adjustments to what you find comfortable.

Haiku with SenseME technology is available for pre-order now.

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Designed by a team of engineers who recognized an opportunity to create ceiling art, Haiku’s contemporary ceiling fan technology hides inside the seamless fit and finish at its center.  The sleek look conceals four microprocessors for unparalleled intelligence and control that delivers an 80% improvement in energy efficiency over conventional ceiling fans. Before being confirmed as the most efficient among ENERGY STAR® ceiling fans, Haiku® had already won the prestigious international LiveEDGE award acknowledging excellence in electronic design for the global environment.

Out with the old.

Ceiling fans have utilized alternating current (AC) motors since the earliest models in the late 1890s.

These motors are extremely inefficient, requiring more energy than is used to create mechanical shaft power, and releasing the excess energy as heat.

The need to vent this heat drives the design of the motor and requires the large ventilated metal shrouds visible on nearly all conventional ceiling fans. These fans also break down over time as heat causes the laminated steel in their core to separate, leading to rattling and vibration.

Libby Langdon, Interior Designer and Makeover TV personality

In with the new.

Haiku features a unique, ultra-efficient direct current (DC) motor with patent-pending electronic controls. The core of the motor is a permanent toroid magnet, which is more efficient than the electromagnet used in most motors. Haiku sets a new standard for quiet ceiling fans, with windings tightly fixed within this totally-enclosed core, ensuring they will never separate and cause vibration.

Haiku not only starts off quiet, but also stays quiet—even at high speeds, and even after years of use. The use of direct current and permanent magnets yields a motor 80% more efficient than traditional AC offerings, optimized for maximum airflow in even the toughest tropical conditions. The unique technology that goes into the Haiku ceiling fan has been awarded eight patents worldwide.


Advanced electronics at the heart of Haiku.

In order to drive the motor, Haiku’s electronic controller detects the position of the permanent magnets relative to the windings. Haiku’s patent-pending controls directly measure the voltage generated in the windings. This results in very smooth and quiet operation, making Haiku the best ceiling fan on the market. Haiku speaks for itself without making a sound.

Don’t call them blades.

Haiku airfoils are much more than mere ceiling fan blades. Unlike traditional flat ceiling fan blades, Haiku’s patent-pending Thin Sheet™ airfoils move large amounts of air with minimum resistance for maximum efficiency, offering a vast improvement in performance over flat ceiling fan blades. The aerodynamic profile results in smooth, silent airflow (in fact, it’s also the quietest ceiling fan in the world—at all speeds). And each Haiku is hand-balanced at all speeds by skilled technicians, ensuring no fan will ever rattle or wobble.

Let there be light.

Integrated seamlessly into the fan’s already minimalist design, the energy-efficient LED module reinforces Haiku’s number one ENERGY STAR ranking. In addition to Haiku’s ten unique settings, the LED module’s digital dimmer offers 16 increments of brightness to provide the perfect amount of light for any setting.

Quality materials, impeccable craftsmanship.

Haiku airfoils are made from the highest quality materials to ensure they will never droop or flex. Their sleek central finish reflects the precision engineering at the fan’s core.

The Haiku Bamboo ceiling fan is made of five layers of meticulously handcrafted Moso bamboo, a resource that naturally renews itself every five years.

Matrix composite is a durable material, finished with three-pass automotive-grade paint for a lasting finish that will never fade. Like the three lines of a Haiku poem, each airfoil reflects the careful evolution of its natural design.

Your wish is Haiku’s command.

Haiku’s advanced electronics also allow numerous additional settings beyond the basic three speeds offered by traditional ceiling fans. Haiku has ten settings, including the exclusive Whoosh® mode.

Mimicking the variations in natural breezes, Whoosh doesn’t just sound cool–it will make you feel up to 40% cooler than constant airflow.*

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Libby Langdon, Interior Designer and Makeover TV personality


Completing the Package

Pull chains are so 1890. Instead, Haiku ceiling fans are controlled by a thin ceiling fan remote control or an optional wireless wall controller.

The compact ceiling fan remote and sleek wireless wall controller perfectly align with the entire Haiku mission – providing simple, minimalist elegance with no waste or excess materials.

The wall controller makes a design statement while simultaneously controlling fan settings and lights on up to three Haiku fans. LED indicators, intuitive programming and a sleek, wireless design add yet another level of refinement to any space.